SteamWorld: Heist, a Steampunk game on Linux

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This article is the first of a series about the Humble Indie Bundle 18. I write about this because all games in this bundle work under Linux/Mac/Windows, and are available in both Steam and DRM-free versions. This pack really worth the 8 Euros it costs me with 7 games included, all fun and cool in their own style.

SteamWorld: Heist

‘SteamWorld: Heist’ is a 2D steampunk tactical game, in which you lead a team of steam robots that are space pirates. Each level is an ennemy ship to board, with goals to accomplish before fleeing out.

You can recuit new team members, each one has his/her own capabilities and skills. All characters can evolve by levelling up, and earn equipment you’ll loot on the battlefield like: weapons, grenades, armor, health pack, etc.

The game and the studio

Image & Form

This game has been developped by the Swedish studio Image & Form Games, they already have a few games done. Most of their games are about SteamWorld.(SteamWorld: Heist, SteamWorld Dig et Dig 2, SteamWorld Tower Defense)

Lets get more in details. As already said, it is a turn-base tactical game. You can make every character do actions like shooting, moving, or using a skill or object.

When you start a level, there is a screen where you can choose the difficulty (a higher difficulty means better rewards!). You then have to choose which protagonists will have to play, and their equipment.

Levels, and hats!

I take this opportunity to talk about objects that are useless, therefore essential: The hats! You can get them from ennemies, and wear them to be 20% cooler. It is not much, but I really have fun trying to get all hats in this game (all my team now has one with a fat yellow cat that makes me smile when I start the game).

Joke appart, one particularity of this game is the shooting system. You can aim with your gun to use the battlefield in your own way and exploit it to shoot between two walls, from below/above the ennemy, and even from behind by making the bullet bounce on the wall, because of almost all shoots can bounce on wall and obstacles, giving awesome effects.

And it is by shooting just above the head of an ennemy you can make his hat fall and get it then!

Steam Powered Giraffe

There is a last thing I’d want to talk about: The OST. Most of the songs have been made by ‘Steam Powered Giraffe’, a group a didn’t even know before playing this game. The mix a few styles, but often it hear like Jazz, sometimes it is more like Folk or Pop. Anyway, go watch their videos because they are really fun to watch and listen, they have paint on the face and body, and their facial expressions add more to their crazy style.

SteamWorld: Heist is a game that attracted me since the very begginning, and give me a lot of motivation to continue. I consider my Humble Bundle is fine just with only this game!

And you, how many hats do you have?

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