My name is Kevin Pellet (aka Ilphrin, that's my favorite name)

I started learning programming since I was a kid, and love Web development. I also like to work on UX/UI design and talk about privacy on the Internet.
Oh, and in everyday life you can get my attention with sushi, music, or video games. I am also a Mozillian since a few years.

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I like to write about Programming, Open Source, new Tools, and sometimes my everyday life


Here you can see all of my previous experiences, and also my personnal projects and some bytes of (not always)useful code


Since not a long time now, I try to do some amateur photography, you can take a look here!

This is what I love most

But I like other things too! Just not as much

  • Open Source

    I hope for a future where everyone would be able to trust technology. A future where the Internet of Things would not betray our privacy and security. And I beleive this can only be achieved through Open-Source softwares

  • JavaScript

    Some hate it, some love it. I am from the second side. JavaScript is an awesome language, but it is misunderstood by those who use it the wrong way. Though it is thanks to it we have cross-plateform/devices awesome app!

  • Mozilla

    I am a volunteer since a few years now. I believe in the work of Mozilla, it gives us a free (as in freedom) and trusty open-source Web and its awesome Firefox browser

  • UX Design

    I never really worked as a UX Designer, but learned a lot about it (books, online courses, internships, etc.), and I have this strong conviction that UX Design is where I will have the better impact in the world, more than if I only worked as Web developer

  • Photography

    I bought a camera to have fun. And now I can't have a month or a week without taking some photos. Nature, architecture, landscape, etc.. I like everything!

  • Painting

    I felt in love with Warhammer 40K a long time ago, but only with painting figurines. Now I paint on any kind of figurines, and this is soooooo relaxing. It also helped me working on my focus and concentration skills

  • Music

    Megadeth more than Ketty Perry. Dragon Force more than Snoop Dogg. Dissection reaaaaallly more than Rebecca Black. Vocaloid more than Shakira. Well, I am more Metal, Nightcore, and some kind of Electro in the end

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