My name is Kevin Pellet (aka Ilphrin, that's my favorite name)

I make the Web a better place, using my skills to help you and create impactful websites
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I write about Programming, Open Source and sometimes my everyday life

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If you needed a proof of what I can do, then you can check out what I have done before!

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I like photography, this is the best way I have to transfer emotions and feelings

This is what I do most

But I like other things too! Just not as much

  • UX Design

    I want to work as a UX Designer, I have this strong conviction that UX is the way we can bring a real purpose to what we work for

  • JavaScript

    Some people hate it, some love it. I am from the second side. JavaScript is an awesome language but is misunderstood. I work everyday to prove why and how

  • Open Source

    I hope for a future where everyone would be able to trust technology. A future where the Internet of Things would not betray our privacy and security. And I believe this can only be achieved through Open Source softwares

  • Mozilla

    I am a volunteer since a few years now. I believe in the work of Mozilla, it gives us a free (as in freedom) and trusty Open Source Web and its awesome Firefox browser

  • Photography

    I bought a camera to have fun. And now I can't have a month or a week without taking some photos. Nature, architecture, landscape, etc.. I like everything!

  • Painting

    I paint on any kind of figurines, and this is soooooo relaxing. It also helped me working on focusing on a task for a long time

  • Music

    Well, I am more Metal, Nightcore, and some kind of Electro than other kind of music.

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